Digital Interruption

Automated Vulnerability Scanning

Since they’re automated, the cost of vulnerability scans is much lower than a manual penetration test, which means they can be run more frequently to provide a more continuous insight in to your security requirements.

An automated test isn’t as in depth or targeted as a manual test, but with results interpreted by Digital Interruption’s experienced security testers, it can be a replacement for manual penetration testing on low risk networks or applications.

For networks and applications that are higher risk, particularly those holding special category data, it’s usually recommended that regular scanning is carried out between manual penetration test to uncover any new or reclassified vulnerabilities.

Web applications are popular targets for attackers, but due to the complexity of modern applications, breaches can take weeks, if not months, to discover. This means that attackers have more time to exploit vulnerabilities and move through networks, increasing the risk to your organisation and customers.

Using industry standards and specific security scanning tools we can build test cases that are bespoke to your web applications, and unlike lengthy manual tests, we can run the scans, produce the reports and submit our recommendations in a matter of days. 

Although scans can’t give you a clean bill of health in the same way a manual test can, they can cover a much wider area in a much shorter time, giving you peace of mind between penetration tests, or highlighting issues that you may want to further explore via with manual testing. 

With the right tools anyone can scan a network, but our experienced consultants will help you understand the output. In-line with industry standards we will perform the scans for you, reporting back with recommendations on the outcomes.

The scan will look for  potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and once detected they will be classified, allowing continuous monitoring of your infrastructure to help ensure you’re implementing the right security countermeasures.

With our experience in manual testing we will confirm that every vulnerability is valid and will remove false positives and duplications, meaning the final report is a real and tangible asset towards your network security defence.