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Security Training

We run a number of training courses either as e-learning or class room training sessions. Our consultants are experienced in training, having delivered workshops and training at conferences world wide and having developed curriculums on security training for both small and large organisations including the financial and public sector.

To discuss you training requirements, our to enquire about bespoke training packages please get in touch.

Our team has extensive experience in all common languages such as Java, C#,Ruby, PHP and JavaScript and web frameworks such as Structs ASP.NET, RoR and NodeJS however as we understand security, we can apply our expertise to even the most obscure technology. 

By taking a general approach to security, we’ll teach you not only how specific vulnerabilities work (such as SQL Injection and Authentication Bypasses), but how to understand the wider classes of bugs. This will allow you to keep breaking and exploiting software even as the technology changes. 

This course is for anyone that is interested in web application security – from would be penetration tester to software developers looking to understand how real attacks occur. 

We train in both Android and iOS demonstrating how vulnerabilities specific to mobile application can be exploited and abused by attackers.

With our training you’ll be able to run your own test cases to test that your mobile applications are safe from attack scenarios such as lost or stolen devices, malware or attackers on the same network or attackers using the app to learn about your environment.

We’ll show you how specific vulnerabilities can be secured, whilst embedding the good security practices that are key to the different ways mobile and web applications operate. Like our Web application security training, this course is for anyone that is interested in mobile application security.

Code review is an effective technique for identifying security flaws. It can be used alongside automated and manual security testing and in some cases as a stand alone technique to ensure the security of your applications.

As former developers, our technical consultants have many years experience in reviewing source code and looking for vulnerabilites in C and C++ applications. They have translated this experience in to practical training to the development of code that is secure right form the start.

This training is aimed at C and C++ developers who want to embed security in to their development process, demonstrating security by design and instilling good security practice in to their code.

Spending time with our ethical hackers means you can and learn how attackers work. In a safe offline environment, we will show you how hacking works in the wild.

Focusing on skills such as reconnaissance, scanning, gaining and maintaining access, and remaining stealthy this training is aimed at the next generation of security professionals.

We’ll take you through all the steps we use to penetrate organisations, using modern and up date tools and techniques used by real world adversaries.

This training is aimed at people with a strong technical background that want to build security in to their skill set and will require a level of self study. 

If you’re looking for GDPR training specifically tailored to technical teams, our training covers the elements of GDPR specific to the development process.  

Coupling the areas of the regulations specific to technical job roles and training on how to integrate security in to the development pipeline, we can help you and your teams understand how to embed compliancy from the start of the development, saving time and cost. 

We currently have course for software developers, system architects and software testers.