Digital Interruption


At Digital Interruption we offer more than just a penetration test, our consultancy services put us at the heart of your business and your pipeline.

From threat modelling, to DevSecOps and everything in between, our diverse team of experts work with you and your teams; offering advice and guidance when you need it the most. 

We offre a range of services form general security advice and guidance, a full range of AppSec, Compliance and DevSecOps.


Finding an in-house AppSec Subject Matter Expert (SME) can be a challenge. Insecure software can be non compliant, vulnerable to hackers and susceptible to data leaks, but without the right advice it can be difficult to identify what secure software looks like.

This is where we can help.

Virtual AppSec SME is a service where Digital Interruption consultants provide application security guidance remotely. We sit on your preferred internal comms platform so we can interact with you in your own working environment.

This way we can understand your products better, respond quicker and you feel like you have a real team member; leading to better understanding of your AppSec requirements, and safer software. 

Rather than relying on just penetration testing, which can often uncover issues too late, we can advise on how you can develop with security baked in, saving you time, money and from uncertainty.

Our consultants specialise in all areas of AppSec, from web, to cloud, to compliance. We’re available to guide your teams through all stages of secure software development. Providing support when it matters most.

A penetration test is how we test for security by running an “attack simulation”. While a penetration test can be a useful exercise once a system is built, it can’t replace having the right advice and guidance during the development process.

Our Outsourced Security Support service will provide the guidance and information you need while you’re developing your applications, rather than testing for issues once development is complete.

We’ll adopt whichever technologies your teams use to communicate to integrate as seamlessly as possible. As an example, if your team uses Slack, we’ll be available on your slack channels to answer direct security questions, provide help and advice and chime in on conversations (where relevant!).

We suggest teams of no more than 10, they can consist of whoever you want in the company; it could be security champions, lead developers or a team working on a high-risk project, it’s up to you. 

We aim to answer every request within 24 hours, but will often answer a question straight away. For more complex matters, we can make use of the whole team at Digital Interruption. With our mix of skills and experiences, we’ve not had anything we can’t answer yet!

As part of the service we will enter  an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with you. This means your teams can communicate normally and you have the pease of mind that your intellectual property is safe.


Compliance under the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, the Data Protection Act 2018 is a legal responsibility, but the regulations can be vague when it comes to how you secure data. Your business needs to be proactive to make sure it stays secured and compliant.  

We can act as a virtual in-house security team, either as a DPO, CISO or both, or if you just need some advice on internal security and security policy we can help you there too.

As registered DPOs, our full range of services enable us to support our clients in all aspects of data security. We’ll help you unpick what the various privacy and data protection regulations and compliance requirements mean specifically to your business.

As virtual CISOs we work with you to develop and implement successful action plans that provide tangible security solutions to help your business stay safe. 

We also help our clients prepare for Cyber Essentials and ISO accreditations, and are specialists in sensitive and special category data.

If you need or want to elect a Data Protection Officer, but either don’t hold those skills internally or don’t need a permanent staff member, outsourcing the role is a cost effective solution.

We will register as the DPO for your organisation, acting as first point of contact for supervisory authorities and for individuals. 

This will provide your Leadership Team with the advice and support you need to comply with relevant privacy regulations and legislation; to inform and uphold the rights of data subjects and ensure an appropriate risk-based system of controls over all personal data processed by the business. 

We’ll work with you to monitor compliance under the GDPR and other data protection laws, implementing the relevant internal and external data protection activities and polices.

As outsourced service provider, we remain independent and free from internal conflicts of interest.

One of the most important roles within any business is chief information security officer. It’s the responsibility of the CISO to developed and deploy a programme of security to prepare and protect your business against attack, as well as how to mitigate a data breach, if and when one strikes.

As virtual CISO we will work with our clients to develop the best defensive security strategy for their business based on their budget. 

Our defensive security experts will develop stratagies to deploy IT security hardware and software, as well as overseeing the development of corporate security policies, standards and procedures. 

We’ll help you to integrate these policies and protection strategies with IT systems development and collaborate with key people within your business to create a a bespoke IT security risk management programme. 

We have extensive experience auditing existing systems and servers to assess risk, using techniques like attack path mapping,  to predict emerging threats and monitor any security flaws and threats within your infrastructure, creating the best programme for your business.