Digital Interruption

Pterodactyl - Mobile Safety Tech

Pterodactyl is a unique solution to help with collecting chat messages and data from end-to-end encrypted messaging mobile applications without breaking UK privacy law.

The widespread use of encrypted chat and messaging platforms accessed via mobile devices by threat actors, criminals and traffickers to organise their activities has made the job of law enforcement increasingly more difficult. Since these applications make heavy use end-to-end encryption, law enforcement lacks effective ways of accessing, monitoring and analysing that data. Moreover, current manual workarounds mean it not possible to automate the approach or scale these manual methods.

Our solution delivers significant improvements in gathering and recording critical evidence by automating the monitoring and recording of criminal activity on encrypted messaging applications. It can read the data from the handset itself for group chats the investigator has joined even if they are not actively monitoring the chat.

The solution has already been proven and used effectively by law enforcement in conjunction with services provided by some of our partners and we believe this solution could deliver significant benefits in combating the wider organisation of crime relating to drugs, people, arms, environmental commodities and violence using messaging platforms on mobile phones.