A brief history of password cracking

Something that gets talked about a lot on the internet is password security and password hygiene. Everyone has heard that it’s best practice to use long passwords that are unique and complex, but I want to write a short post about why those things are important, how passwords are stored by websites, and what that means for you. The first thing to mention is USE PASSWORD MANAGERS. It’s the most important thing for keeping your accounts secure! If you don’t know what they are, it’s software that helps you generate […]

Red vs Blue – A write-up of our SkillSec workshop

I often feel that blue teaming doesn’t always get the love it deserves, so we decided that this months SkillSec would be about Red vs Blue. For those that may not be familiar with these terms, Red is the “offensive” side of security (think “attack simulation”) and blue is about defending i.e. detecting and stopping the attackers. As is often said, blue can be more challenging as you have to defend every weakness whereas with Red, you only have to find one weakness. Both are important to consider. Whilst Digital […]