We’re giving away 100 REX licences… It’s dino-mite!

We’re giving away 100 REX licences… It’s dino-mite! We’ve had some exciting news! We found out a few weeks ago that Innovate UK want to help us fund the development of one of our security tools, REX. What is REX? REX is a vulnerability scanner, it’s designed specifically for developers and software testers to help them test the security of android applications. With REX, you can scan you Android apps as they’re being developed to detect security weaknesses early and often. This is a different approach to traditional “penetration testing” […]

Covid or Covert?

Since the government announced earlier this week that the COVID-19 Contact Tracing application is to be trialled in the Isle of Wight, there has been a lot of mixed messages and FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Doubt) on both mainstream and social media. Whilst we’re waiting for the app to be released so we can start analysis, we can review the white paper released by NCSC to understand how the application should work and what kind of privacy and security concerns may exist. Of course, this analysis is based solely on […]

When Phishing goes Viral

How attackers are using social media to create COVID-19 specific phishing campaigns. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has affected the lives of millions of people and businesses around the globe. Changes in behaviors resulting from the changes we have had to make to live and operate have opened up new attack vectors for attackers. Change brings innovation, but also risk. By raising awareness we can find the right balance of safety and usability.   In this blog, I’ll   address some of the most common security threats facing people during lockdown.  […]